CV Yancy Villa-Calvo 2016

Artist Statement

          I have an insatiable curiosity about the individual and the collective human connection that manifests itself in visual forms. Being an immigrant has ignited a fascination with finding commonalities among cultures. These commonalities are reflected in my work through the use of symbols. Using implied and palpable texture, my body of work examines the idea of a history beneath questioning the present. I bind acrylic paint, gold leaf and the four elements of life (water, earth, fire, air) using their physicality to denote how we are all intertwined through time and space.


      Yancy Villa-Calvo was born in Mexico City and has lived and traveled in Latin America, Europe and Africa. She received her formal art education at Christian Brothers University, Memphis College of Art and has been mentored by national and international artists. Holding a B.A., a B.F.A and an M.B.A. Yancy frequently exhibits in group and solo shows. Her work is displayed in private collections in the United States, Mexico, Netherlands, Brazil, and Israel. She has been in Memphis for 20 years, where she lives with her husband Mauricio Calvo and their children Anna, Carolina and Santiago.


          God, my family and my Latin background. Different cultures. The passion in life. The bright colors and contrast of light in a subject when I stop and really see. Other artists and people who have taken risks. The simplicity of objects with a history. People who live ordinary lives but deserve to be exposed as extraordinary.