Renaissance Bilingual Camp

Renaissance Bilingual Camp is the coolest camp of the summer! As a mom and artist I want my kids to learn, have fun and be exposed to new things sparking their imagination and creativity. In this camp, kids will be presented with material and a toolbox of ideas they can later use to create their own art. I want my own children to see art as a mean to find themselves and I would love to share the same experience with yours.  Here is a link to see the fun projects we created in previous camps-Cool Art Projects!

"As a working mom who has her kid going from camp to camp all summer long, I consider it a huge win when I pick up my son and he can’t stop talking about the day’s activities, and even more so, is excited to go back the next day! Kudos to Yancy and her imaginative, art-centric camp. Her passion and desire to teach while entertaining her campers is evident by her thoughtful program as well as her welcoming smile. As my son puts it, “it’s a pretty cool camp.” And that says a lot coming from a 10-year-old boy."  Kelley Morice, Hemline.

"THIS was one of the best experiences my daughter had at a camp. Sign your child up before all the spots are gone!!!!!!"  Carol Silkes, U of M professor.


Art & Theatre

Professional artists will be at YancyArt studio to demonstrate and work with the student artists to do projects on painting, glass fusing, ceramics, leather art, printmaking, chalk art and collage. New this year: graffiti, eco-art, and theatre!  


Culinary Arts


It will be a bilingual camp and the art terms will be in both languages. Whether you are in the beginner or intermediate level you will learn new vocabulary while having fun and practicing with other Spanish speaking campers. Lots of upbeat songs with written lyrics and phrases they will enjoy and practice throughout the week.


Collaborative Installation

There is a collaborative project throughout the week and they decide which will be. This is the project where all ideas are combined and they have to work as a team to be successful. Past projects include a papel picado installation covering walls and ceiling, a Pollock piñata, a Day of the Death mini exhibit. 


Music and Movement

It's a summer camp and we will take breaks in between projects. Plan on exercising through music and dance (learning Latin dancing, salsa, merengue, rancheras, etc.) Plus having fun with badminton matches, outdoor games, water balloons, and piñata making & breaking!


Culinary Arts

Food is culture. Hot lunch is provided and student artists have the opportunity to try ethnic food from Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Italy, etc.

Healthy snacks are included.


Camp Goals

The majority of the camp will be focusing on art. Research shows that art boosts self-esteem, encourages creativity, improves academic performance, strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills among many other benefits.

The projects are different every year and parents will be excited to get artwork ready to hang or display. 

* Student artists will be using professional artists' tools and equipment to create grounds.

* Student artists will experiment with professional materials (gels and pastes); recycle material (bubble wrap, nets, magazines, old books); and other cool material (fiber papers, natural grains, fruit, vegetables).

* Plein Air painting (weather permitting) and studio work.

* We will hardly use paint brushes; instead we will use rags, toothbrushes, fingers, spatulas, cards, leaves, sticks, etc.)

* There will be some formal instruction (learning about the masters and contemporary artists and techniques).

* There will be lots of room for creativity so they can start finding their personal voice through the concepts and materials presented.

* Culminating project will be a gallery opening  reception- setting the art studio as a gallery space displaying their work. The artists will invite their parents to talk about their art...and, of course, we'll break their created artsy piñata.

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            Camp I -   June 12-16 (rising K-5th)   9am-4pm

           Camp II -  June 26-30 (rising 3rd-5th) 9am-4pm

           Camp III - July 24-28 (rising 6th-8th) 9am-4pm

NEW THIS YEAR: Open Studio Days!  

Need a day or days off at the last minute? Have to work or get something done? Does your young artist want to concentrate on a specific art project (acrylic painting, learning the color wheel and color value, experiment with mix-media)?  

Sign up for one day or as many days as you want for individualize projects and fun activities throughout the day in a small group environment. 

Registration Link

Open Days - June 19, 20, 21.  9am-4pm  

Location: 8665 Roundtree Place, Memphis, TN 38016. Near IKEA


Come and have fun with us; it will be memorable!   Yancy Villa-Calvo, BFA, BA, MBA